How Technology Can Help Prevent Car Accidents – Invest In 5 Best Technology Gadgets for Your Car

According to WHO, approximately 1.25 million people are a victim of car accidents every year. The figure saw a drastic increase in the number of deaths in the past few years and the total car accident figure has reached up to 6 million each year and that too only in the U.S.

With the world becoming a fast-paced business hub, the evolution in technology has seen commendable improvement. With this constant improvement in technology, the automobile industry is also taking a complete part in making developments in the relevant industry.

When you go out to purchase a new car, it might be surprising to realize that there are so many features available for you to enjoy in your new vehicle.

Certain features like the automatic start and headed seats across the entire body of the car is a luxurious yet tempting feature in the car as well as it allows you to be safe.

With so many distractions on the roads due to increasing traffic, it is important that you pay attention to the road and consider the purchase of a car with certain hi-tech features that can add to your safety in case of a car accident.

What to do if you meet a car accident?

First of all, it is important to know how to deal with an accident on the roads. When you collide with an object while driving, it is important to look at the people next to you and see if there is someone who needs immediate medical care. If yes, call an ambulance straight away.

Deal with everything in a calm manner and instead of arguing with the other party; make sure that you call the police straight away to deal with the incident. After that regardless of having visible injuries or not, visit your doctor to seek medical attention and contact an attorney to help you with the compensation.

Many symptoms do not occur right after the accident but they might start arising after a few days of being affected. To avoid any mishap or injury, it is important that you seek medical attention straight away.

Moving on to Technology

Automatic Emergency Braking

AEB is a new feature that allows your driver to stay alert at the time of a sudden crash and also assist the driver in using maximum brakes to stop the car. If the situation is out of the hands of the driver, automatic emergency braking can apply brakes to stop the car independently.

Categories of AEB

AEB is divided into three categories:

  • Low-Speed System

This system is designed to be used on the city streets and to detect other cars that come in front of yours. This will help to prevent issues like whiplash that can normally occur even after a minor accident.

  • High-Speed System

A high-speed system will scan more than 200 meters in front of the car and use long-range radar to allow your car to move easily at a faster pace among other cars.

  • Pedestrian System

This system will allow you to detect the movement of people traveling by foot and also determine the risk of collision.

AEB will go by many names like active city braking, active city brake or the pre-crash safety.

Back-Up Cameras

This function is not completely fresh, but for drivers, it can be really helpful. Many low-speed collisions, such as parking, occur on a daily basis which can be eliminated with the help of this feature.

A video device with a 360-degree presence comprises of a mix of screens, monitors, and inside the vehicle on all locations.

It lets drivers see behind them in their setting, and can be incredibly beneficial to assist. If a car hits an obstacle, most devices would warn the driver to smash the vehicle. Because it has been available for some time, it’s fairly inexpensive to install when you purchase a vehicle and worth it.

LED Lights

For over 20 years, the LED headlights are thinner and therefore require far more time than typical halogen lamps.

LED lamps are more effective than lighting the lane in front of you so that you can see. They transform 80% of the electricity they consume directly into the light and just lose 20% relative to the80%-waste halogen bulbs.

The real illumination given by LED headlights is a stronger light efficiency. We give bright visibility and less darkness to many users. The LED headlights often profit from growing energy usage from your vehicle and create a purer light output that increases the fuel performance.

Blind Spot Warning

Whatever sort of vehicle is driven, a blind spot still remains. Thousands of injuries are triggered every year by blind spots. The blind-spot alarm offers a note in the blind spot that is visible or visual. Most devices alert you about utilizing the turn signals that there is a driver in another lane next to you.

Blind Spots are becoming more and more common as people are keener to invest in certain items that might lead to road safety.

Auto Steering Capability

Nowadays, certain vehicles are capable of self-steering. No, the vehicle doesn’t completely push itself, although in some cases you will pull the steering wheel away from the driver to prevent an accident.

This would use breaks steering while staying in the current traffic lane around a potential footbridge or obstacle on the car’s route. Most auto-steering mechanisms operate together with a network of automatic emergency failures.


Car accidents are becoming common because of the increase in traffic on the roads. With the accidents increasing, the technology is also developing in cars that can help the drivers in the prevention of the accident.

To avoid these accidents, it is important to invest in technology for your car and remain focused on the road despite the time.

When you meet an accident, it is important that you seek medical attention at your utmost convenience.


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