Why is Black and Mild flavour a healthy substitute for smokers ?

Well this has been the most asked frequently asked question by all the smokers around the world. And to know the answer of the same, one need to understand Black and Mild cigars and cigarettes separately. Here in this article you will discuss about the same and conclude which is a healthier option? A cigarette or a black and mild cigar?

To know about the same, we will find what are the components used to make a cigar and a cigarette.

Composition of Cigarettes and Black and Mild cigars

Well in both the cases of cigarettes and cigars, the main component is tobacco. Now let us see the difference between the two. In case of cigars, there is only tobacco and nothing else. Though the black and mild cigars do have filters, but they are fully organic and made from wood.

Conversely, in case of cigarettes; apart from tobacco, we can see papers and foams for the synthetic filters. Now smoking a burnt paper is not that good for your health we guess. Apart from the cottons and foams, used for filter, a smoker inhales the synthetic glue too which is not healthy either. And all these synthetic products and chemicals, when mixed with the tobacco, it converts to carcinogen, which is pretty much unhealthy for any smokers out there.

The reason behind the same being, cottons and papers emit more carbon that that of tobacco leaves. Well from the composition point of view, it can be well said that cigars are much healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Now, we will focus on the other perspectives to conclude the healthier smoking option.

  • If you go by the authenticity of smoking a cigar, it is never inhaled. The actual way to smoke a cigar is to puff, taste and exhale. While on the other hand, cigarettes are always inhaled. This is also a very important factor as inhaling causes more health issues.
  • If someone smokes 10 cigarettes a day, it is equivalent to a single cigar. This is because of the reason, the tobacco content is much higher in a cigar that that of a cigarette. Thus, if leads to lower your smoking habit too. Voila.
  • Another important factor is the quality of the tobacco which Black and mild use. They always use the finest tobacco available in the market currently. Conversely, cigarettes companies use inferior tobacco to cut the cost of production and make more profits.

None of the smoking habits are healthy. Nevertheless, if you are a smoker and looking to choose the healthier option amongst these two, cigars are way better for your health.

If we compare these two, it can be well stated that Black and Mild cigars are a great substitute for cigarettes when it comes to your health. Apart from the above reason, the tastes of these cigars are far better than regular cigarettes which make to you consider these for your next smoking session.

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