If you are reading this text maybe it is because someone sent to you a message like: Drops, Devil face, Flames, etc., and you are probably thinking what eggs mean these hieroglyphs!!! That message that puts your mind going ceaselessly forward, and constantly in circles. Don´t worry, we are here to help you to not get lost in translation with an emoji conversation. Here AU escorts from Skokka is to help you with this guideline to survive in the times of the memes and emojis.

What emojis are?

Emojis are character pictures that are popular and normally are used on text communication on social media or texting platforms.

Emojis are commonly used in text communications, 92% of the online population uses emojis daily and there are around 1000 emoji options.  They are processed by the brain as non-verbal information, which means we interpret them as emotional communications.

Some of them are kind of obvious like the flame, sent to those beautiful Skokka Indian escorts, heart face or devil face. However this could have a different meaning if you’re a gen Z, X or Boomer.  For example if you use the tears of joy face some with the Gen Z is going to see the message so wear.

It does not discriminate in any way and it is well known that there are certain emoticons that are deliberately placed to allow us express certain emotions, without being totally explicit like a smiley face or a cry face.

What do they mean and how are they related to sex conversations?

Emojis give us some freedom and creativity in the way we express what we want. Like how we are flirting on a bar with a pretty escort using our better seduction techniques. If you’re new to the sexting scene, you might feel like you need a dictionary in order to figure out what it actually means. 

We are going to give you this guideline to not get lost in translation. Starting with de basic:

1. Masculine Emojis

Normally male genitalia have a lot of ways to describe things like the family jewels, nuts of escorts, etc.  Not surprisingly, in the world of emojis they have a lot of icons that could be used to describe the male organ. Try some of these next time you want to reference someone’s you-know-what:

  • 🍆 (eggplant)
  • 🌭 (hot dog)
  • 🍌 (banana)
  • 🥖 (baguette)
  • 🥕 (carrot)
  • 🌽 (ear of corn)
  • 🐍 (snake)
  • 🐓 (rooster)

2. Feminine Emojis

Vagina genitalia also has a lot of representation that could be used to turn on and spice the conversation up. We’ve rounded up some of the leading contenders for vulva emoji.

  • 🌷 (tulip)
  • ✌️ (peace sign)
  • 🌮 (taco)
  • 🍯 (honey pot)
  • 🍣 (sushi)
  • 🥠 (fortune cookie)
  • 🐈 (cat) or 🐱 (cat face)

3. Booty Boobies and other body parts:

Anything round that comes in pairs can be a stand in for breasts, ass or beautiful bars such as the ones who have some escorts. Different kinds of fruits can help you to describe something so juicy and so ripe that you wouldn’t believe it. These icons are going to help you with this message. Throw in one of these next time you want to compliment someone’s rear end:

  • 🍑 (peach)
  • 🍎 (apple)
  • 🍐 (pear)
  • 🌰 (chestnut)
  • 🍒 (cherries)
  • 🌕 (full moon) or 🌝 (full moon face)
  • 👌 (OK sign)
  • 🍩 (donut)
  • 🍈🍈 (a pair of melons)
  • 🐫 (camel humps)

4. When it comes to climaxes, think explosive emojis

There are a variety of kabooms to choose from for a figurative orgasm, plus some that are more literal. Use a bombastic emoji by itself, or put it at the end of a string of dirty emojis. Try:

  • 🎇 or 🎆 (fireworks)
  • 💥 (explosion)
  • 💣 (bomb)
  • 🚀 (rocket ship)
  • 🍾 (popping champagne bottle)
  • 🤯 (“mind blown” face)
  • 💦 (water droplets)

There are a few face emojis that clearly mean “I’m in the mood.” These include the 😏 (smirking face) or semi-innocent 😜 (tongue out and winking face) emojis.

  • 😏 (smirking face)
  • 😜 (tongue out and winking face)
  • 😈 (smiling devil)

Improving what we have learnt

Now let’s practice with some of the things we are learning here. We give you these examples to help you to turn on your next conversation.

1. Let’s jerk off each other   🍆💦🍆💦

The emoji curation means someone wants to get his milk off. This emoji combination is popular with the gay community, but it can also be used if you just want some pleasure without the effort and/or dangers of physical penetration.

2. Lick and suck my vulva   🤯🌷   👅💦

These emoji combos means you want  to lick and suck vulva until they come.

3. Lick and suck my Ass  🍑👅💦

Cunnilingus or arse licker (a person who is too friendly to somebody in authority and is always ready to do what they want).

4.  “I am going to go down on you until you come.” 👄🍆🔥
This combo means you want to have sex until midnight.

5. I would very much appreciate a striptease performance. 🎟️💃😜
This emoji combination is going to say that you want a show to spice up the moment.

Feel free and try different combinations and less if it doesn’t get hot, at least you and your lover can have a few laughs with these messages and break the ice.

Escrito por Ana Cardo 

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