Is it reliable to install Built-in oven?

Do you have an awesome, functional kitchen? Are you facing the problem of space crunch? Installing a built-in oven to your wooden cabin to save some space is a great idea. This will not come in the way of making your kitchen look better. Now you don’t have to rush to another room to reach your oven in the middle of your kitchen work. It would be very cute to look at your cute little oven amidst the neatly carved cabinets too. Having a wall oven is what the new homeowners want lately due to the shift in the trend. Whether you have a wall oven or a separate oven, consider the size of your kitchen.

If we consider the question of whether it is reliable to install a built-in oven to the wooden cabinet, we should consider some facts to conclude. What are they?

Things to consider before installation: 

Everyone knows the outside of the oven doesn’t emit heat that much when the oven is switched on. It is the inside of the appliance that generates a lot of heat. The maximum temperature the exterior of the oven emits is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Considering this fact, we have to evaluate the point of whether the countertop or the cabinets can withstand this heat. You have to check whether there is a proper vent to let out the heat safely during cooking to avoid damage to the kitchen countertop or the surfaces that can’t resist a lot of heat.

If the exterior of the oven can resist heat, you can make a place somewhere in the kitchen cabinet that can hold the oven. First, build the interior of the oven with the same plywood material as that of the cabinet to give the same appearance to the oven. Then use the same plywood to embellish the exterior to give the impression that the oven is an integral part of the kitchen cabinet. Make sure of the plywood quality to avoid an oven repair quite frequently.

Till recently, at the time of construction of the house, a small gap is left purposefully to construct a platform that will hold the oven safely. This helped the new homeowners to place their oven in the gap meant for it. You may close it if you are not in the habit of using an oven. This gap would be two sizes namely 60cm or 90 cms. This could accommodate an oven, of any size, comfortably. You should also make sure that the hole supposed to hold the oven is near the power socket.

Some kitchen walls will have a built-in oven and refrigerator. In such a case, considering the fact of whether having a built-in oven that gives off high temperature is reliable is very important. Of late, you can find 45 cm aperture in the contemporary kitchens because of the new model 45 cm oven available in the market lately. If you want to make sure whether the DIY tips work for your kitchen cabinet, pull out the instruction manual of your oven and go through it carefully. This would ensure a safe installation. Oven repair consumes a lot of time and is tiresome sometimes.

Now let us see how to install the oven safely?

Things to consider during installation: 

Contact a skilled carpenter or an electrician to make the installation process efficiently. Check whether the conduit is properly placed and sways as you move it from its place. It shouldn’t get jammed that retards the movement of the oven. In such a case, it is not safe to install it in the place meant for fixing it.

When you start the process of installation, you should place the plug of the oven inside of the electric socket and ensure there is an uninterrupted power supply for it. When the oven is installed and it is working, you should check whether it allows the air to escape safely through the vent. According to the size of the oven, you need to provide appropriate ventilation space. A slightly bigger oven may need a bigger vent than the one which is small. When the oven starts cooking food, check whether it takes in the adequate heat or temperature to cook the food inside of it.

In short, kitchen ovens have become an indispensable part of the cooking. Nowadays, people believe in smart cooking using advanced technologies that save considerable time. If you have rented a house that has a cavity to install a built-in oven, research a little about the installation process on the internet. Educating yourself about the installation process from the instruction manual would make work easier. If your oven is not installed properly, it may lead to frequent oven repair or even damage your kitchen cabinets sometimes. You can also rebuild the kitchen cabinets with a cavity that holds your oven snugly.


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