Criminal Lawyers in Alabama: What You Should Know About Your Case

Alabama is no exception when it comes to gun-carrying citizens, DUI, or other criminal activity. Check out a news story sometime. The gun laws are changing so much that even one of the better criminal lawyers Alabama has to offer cannot keep up with the information.

Did you get charged with criminal activity involving a gun recently?

There are a few things you should be aware of before you do anything else, especially since things have changed regarding the conceal-carry permits.

Criminal Lawyers Alabama: The New Gun Laws With Respect To A DUI

1) Some of the new laws are not cohesive when it comes to conceal-carry permits. The bill passed but some of the lawmakers are not sure what the bill fully represents. On the one hand, the bill says that someone can bring a gun to a sporting event, including private and public sponsored events.

However, it also states that you cannot bring a firearm into an area that prohibits unauthorized personnel. The bill is doing double talk. You will need to talk to one of the more versed criminal lawyers Alabama has to offer about your options. You might not be charged appropriately for the crime. Some people do face trumped-up charged due to the ambiguous nature of the law. That is why you should make sure everything happening to you.

2) The new laws have made it more challenging officers to deny the permits to some people. Alabama is now a state that “shall” issue the permits instead of a “may” issue” state. That means more crimes can be committed. It also means more people can get their hands on a gun that should not have one, especially if they have been drinking. You can talk to someone at to find out more.

3) Did you know that you do not need a permit to carry a gun if it is sitting in your car unloaded? However, you can be nailed for being the passenger who drinks more than he should. That is part of the new law. That means you could suffer an injury sitting in the car and the person who owns the gun is blameless. You can get nailed for a DUI, but your gun-carrying counterpart is held blameless.

Once more, this new law is going to allow more crimes involving guns and drinking and driving to happen and reduce the blame where it should lie

4) You cannot sue your employer if you have suffered injuries caused by a gun while on the property. You can also carry a weapon in public as long as it is concealed and secured. You can always get more information at

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