Tips for Choosing One Word Business Names for Stylish Brands

Business Names for Stylish Brands

Every company should have a brand name because it is an extension of what it offers to consumers and it reinforces the value they provide. A powerful brand name enables a company to make maximum impact on consumers. With an attractive brand name a company can reach out to a large number of people in the shortest possible time and gain the kind of customers and sales that it seeks.

How can you create a vivid and memorable brand name? There are many steps involved in the brand naming process and each of them have to be followed meticulously so that you arrive at a name that is catchy, attractive, meaningful and which brings people closer to your brand. It should show your company as one that is a strong leader, innovator in your market and will convey to consumers its top position and also will differentiate its products or services from others in the market.

Some Good Brand Name Ideas to Consider for A Smart Company

The first thing that you no need to do is create a word bank, which is made up of a list of all the names that you feel is most appropriate for your company and what it offers to consumers. 

The next idea on possible company names that are most appropriate for your brand is its vision and mission, so look up on names that match with it and make a list. Check the internet for different types of inspirational quotes and ideas related to your company’s products or services and make a group of names from it. Put all these names down on paper and get a group of people to pick up ones that are most appropriate for your company’s brand name. 

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One good idea is opting for a name from the company’s founder or inventor’s name it is a good way of describing what it offers to consumers. You can also opt for a name tell what the company offers as seen in names of airlines such as British Airways, Southwest airlines etc. The name can also be one that describes an emotional experience that the consumers feel when using the product or service offered by your company examples Sprint. You can opt for a name which shows what the brand enables the user to do as seen in the name. Google else bring up a name that is completely out of context with what your company is offering but which shows its quality as seen in the example Apple. 

Some types of brand name ideas that you can look into include alliteration, making use of a common idiom, using rhyming words, adding suffix to a word, opting for a color name else using a combination of symbols on numbers or adding two words together. Making use of software that generates words is an interesting way of coming up with some very unusual brand names that reflect the kind of values your company brings into its products or services. 

The right brand name is one that is simple, easy-to-say, memorable and attractive to a large audience. A short, two-syllable name is one that best describes your company’s values. 

Though this idea may seem highly improbable, still it is true that a brand name that is made from the least used letters of the English language such as Z, Q, X, J, K is highly valued, remembered and is much thought of by consumers.  One way of finding the right brand name from others is to pick one up from the list of names that you have come up with, suddenly popping it up in a noisy place to a friend and watching the person’s reaction. If that person immediately picks it up, it’s good but if he or she asks you to repeat it, tell how it is spelled else asks what it means, instead of getting attracted to the name right away, you had better look in for a better one!

Look into synonyms of names that you have come up else words related to your products or services offered. Make a list and combine words from this list to create a brand name that is unique and distinct. Instead of using an English word, check up on foreign language words that look attractive and which give a good meaning to what your brand offers. 

After you have selected a brand name from the list of names that you have made, check up on various factors such as if it already exists for another company in the market and if you can get a trademark on it.  Look into various social media platforms to find if any other company is already using the name. Check out if the name looks visually appealing because this is very important as it is going to appear on your marketing material. The right name is one that tells consumers about what company is offering and how they benefit for opting for your brand over others in the market.