Portland Maine Law Firm, Lundy Law LLP

If you live in the Portland, Maine area and you have been needlessly injured due to the negligence of another party, then you should seriously consider getting the legal protection that you need to ensure that you are well represented and that you and your family do not suffer financial loss because of others’ carelessness. Our specialized Portland Maine attorneys at Lundy Law LLP will protect you and your family from the ramifications of other people’s disregard of your rights and conditions.

After all, we at Lundy Law LLP, are personal injury attorneys and we fully understand how unexpected and unwarranted injuries can debilitate and negatively impact your family’s life and well-being. Besides being devoted to helping you get the most compensation that you deserve, we are local, Portland Maine attorneys who genuinely care about our community and region. We are committed to helping because personal injury law is our passion and our devotion. It is the way that we stand up for the little guy and make sure that he or she is treated fairly and equitably by the legal system, and especially by those who injure others and seek to avoid their just liability for those inconveniences.

Some legal issues that Lundy Law LLP are passionate about are injuries sustained due to exposure to harmful electro-magnetic interference from cell phones, from exposure to harmful chemicals such as ovarian cancer from talcum powder, exposure to the herbicide glyphosate or (RoundUp), and other various personal injuries caused by the carelessness of others.

Portland Maine attorneys will help you to make them responsible for what they have done and will help you to seek legal and monetary compensation for your injuries. Of course, monetary compensation will restore you to your prior condition or erase the unfortunate events that caused you to be injured, but it can ease the stress and discomfort that you have experienced since, pay you for the mental and physical suffering that you have gone through, and help you recover money that you have spent for medical bills and other expenses as well as help you to pay for future expenses that you are bound to incur as a direct result of the injuries that you have needlessly sustained.

Don’t suffer in silence when Lundy Law LLP can help you to recover the funds that you most desperately need. Don’t let your injury go unanswered when there are portland maine attorneys at Lundy who can defend your rights.

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