Top 6 Advantages Of Buying Unflavored Whey Proteins

With so many options available, searching for a whey protein is quite challenging and overwhelming nowadays. Besides selecting a trusted brand, it becomes tricky to decide which flavor you should buy. What if the taste is too sweet and contains unnecessary ingredients?

This dilemma opens up the doors to a versatile option that can save your time and money-unflavored whey protein powder!

Here are the top six advantages of opting unflavored whey-

You Can Sweeten Unflavored Protein Powder To Your Taste

The most common problem with flavored whey protein powders is that they contain a high amount of sugar. Though companies come with protein supplements that have one-size-fits-all sweetness levels, many of the people don’t like whey powder that sweet.

Another issue with the flavored protein powder is the type of sweetener used. Many of the health brands offer products that are sweetened with stevia. If you don’t like the taste of stevia-sweetened products, unflavored, sugarless natural protein powder is a perfect choice. You can sweeten it with honey, cane sugar, coconut sugar, or syrup.

You Won’t Be Limited To A Single Flavor

Instead of choosing among chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, why not have those all? With unflavored whey protein powder, you can make a chocolate flavor by adding cocoa powder; or a vanilla flavor by adding vanilla extract. Further, you can blend fresh strawberries into your protein shake.

Apart from these, you can get innovative and make an endless number of other flavors such as oatmeal cookies, peanut butter, and banana shake, snickerdoodle, mocha, etc. In this way, you can try a different flavor every day of the week.

You Avoid Unwanted Ingredients

Flavored protein powders usually come with several additives and colors. On the other hand, the unflavored powder is free from artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, neotame, sucralose, etc. They are added as a substitute for sugar without calories. 

But, there are many suspicions that additives are linked with increasing the risk of diabetes and obesity. To avoid the long-term health issues associated with taking flavored protein powder, you can opt for the unflavored one.

They Have High Protein Percentage

Unflavored whey proteins work well because they have a high content of BCAAs. Branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs are essential to increase muscle protein synthesis. Every scoop of unflavored whey protein powder in your shake provides you with more amino acids and proteins as compared to the flavored powder.

You Can Add It To Your Food

Drinking the unflavored whey protein powder isn’t the only way to consume it. Its natural taste is easy to mask, making it ideal to be used for cooking. You can make bread, pasta sauce, pancakes, cookies, crepes, protein bars, and much more.

It Helps You Save Money

What if you choose a flavor and don’t like it or you get tired of the flavor and want to try a new one? You might end up buying a couple of different flavors that get pricey. Moreover, any good protein supplement isn’t cheap. 

When you buy a flavored whey powder, you pay for flavoring and sweetener as well. It isn’t like the protein powder is 1/4th pound of flavors and 2lbs of whey protein, making the container 2.25lbs. The powder weighs 2lbs. This implies that you are paying for additives also. So, buy opting an unflavored protein powder, you pay less and get a choice to create different flavors.


We hope that these advantages would open mind to the versatile world of unflavored whey protein powders. So, buy a protein powder and create your own flavor!

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